About Us

At TurfPark, product quality and customer satisfaction are the most important virtues to us. Each TurfPark location is carefully vetted, analyzed and monitored to ensure optimum player experience. From the parking facility to the service provided by the staff, we ensure our customers leave, only to come back. We use European artificial turf, handcrafted by the finest European Turf manufactures in the world and laid out by the most experienced turf installers in the country. All our turf comes from FIFA Recommended vendors only. Customer safety is of utmost importance, therefore we take utmost care and make sure all our locations are safe and sound.

Our staff is sure to make you feel comfortable and take care of everything else while you focus on your game. Since everyone deserves a break, feel free to enjoy our beverages on a hot summer day and under a heavily flood lit arena.

Last but not the least, our locations are easy to access and in the center of the city.

Enjoy a game at TurfPark and feel free to let us know how it was at feedback@turfpark.com



TurfPark's vision is to reach every Tier 1 and Tier 2 city by the end of 2020 and cater to every budding sports enthusiast so that he/she can unwind at one of our grounds after a long day.

Our company focuses on opening facilities, not merely grounds. Sports facilities all over the world provide their locals with great services at a minimal cost and we intend to do the same.

Guided by our passion, principles and long-lasting relationships, we aim to be a pioneer in the sports facility infrastructure and management segment of the sports industry.


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